Flex Seal Offer

Features & Benefits

    • Easy To Use, Portable, Aerosol Spray
    • Seeps Into Cracks And Holes
    • Seals Out Water, Lasts For Years
    • Stays Flexible And Pliable
    • Will Not Sag Or Drip In Summer Heat
    • Will Not Crack Or Peel In Winter Cold
    • Stops Vibrations And Deadens Noise
    • Protects Surface From Corrosion
    • Apply On Wet Or Dry Surfaces
    • Transform And Protect Virtually Everything

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Flex Seal Liquid Offer

Features & Benefits

    • Liquid Rubber In A Can!
    • Brush, Roll, Dip or Pour
    • Seals Out Water, Air & Moisture
    • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
    • Covers Fast & Excellent Adhesion
    • UV, Mildew & Chemical Resistant
    • Non-hazardous & Food Safe
    • Stops Noise & Vibrations
    • Expands & Contracts

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Flex Shot Offer

Features & Benefits

    • Caulks, Bonds And Seals Virtually Everything!
    • No Need For A Caulking Gun!
    • No Running, No Dripping, No Mess!
    • Gives You A Perfect Bead, Every Time!
    • Expands And Contracts!
    • Fills In Huge Cracks And Holes!
    • Great For Crafts And Decorative Items!
    • No Waste - Use It Again And Again!
    • So Easy To Use - Anyone Can Do It!

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Flex Tape Offer

Features & Benefits

    • Super Strong, Waterproof Tape That Instantly Stops The Toughest Leaks
    • Grips On Tight and Bonds Instantly
    • So Strong It Even Works Under Water
    • Triple Thick Adhesive Virtually Welds Itself To Most Surfaces
    • Fix Pools And Spas Without Even Draining Them
    • Great For Emergency Repairs On Air Mattresses And Inflatables
    • Available In Super Wide Sizes To Patch Large Hole

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