3 Flex Seal Life Hacks for The Holidays
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Flex Seal Life Hacks for the Holidays

The holidays are here. It’s a fun, yet sometimes hectic, time of year. Most of us will be setting up trees, decorating our homes with lights, and fixing many odds and ends around the house.

So, make sure you don’t spend unnecessary time, energy or money! All you will need is a can of Flex Seal to make your home holiday ready. Check out these three seasonal life hacks.

Flex Life Hack No. 1:

Keep Your Tree Alive With Flex Seal.

If your family has a real tree this holiday, you probably keep a tree stand under it. Like anything else, over the years, the stand will have the usual wear and tear.

Grab your can of Flex Seal, and shake it vigorously for about a minute. In a sweeping motion, spray on a nice even coat from a distance of 8 to 12 inches. Take your time to focus on those cracks and the larger surrounding area around them. Feather the edges. Be sure not to move so slowly that the Flex Seal starts to mound.

Let your first coat dry for 24 hours before you spray another coat. Apply a few coats until the holes are completely filled. Allow 48 hours to fully cure.

Now you will have a sealed tree stand lasting for many holidays to come!

Flex Life Hack No. 2: 

No More Loose Glitter!

How many times have you found loose glitter all over your floor after setting up holiday decorations? Those days are now a thing of the past.

Just spray your glittery decorations with Flex Seal Clear at a distance of 8 to 12 inches.

The clear color option allows you to keep a transparent coating around the ornaments.

You know the drill – let each coat dry for 24 hours before adding another.

Give your final coat 48 hours to dry.

*Flex Tip: You may have to shake the Flex Seal can again throughout your project.

Since Flex Seal works as a sealant, it’ll keep the glitter on your decorations and off of your floor. This life hack saves you from wasting time on vacuuming and removing glitter from all over your house.

Flex Life Hack No.3: 
Waterproof Snow Boots!

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a soggy boot. The purpose of snow boots is to keep your feet warm and dry.

If you ever find a leak in your snow boots, just seal them with Flex Seal.

Before you spray them, make sure your boots are clean and dry.

Sit them on a drop cloth. Spray them from a distance of 8 to 12 inches (I’m sure you have this memorized).

After you let your final coat sit for 48 hours, your snow boots are as good as new.

Flex Seal won’t crack in the winter cold, so your boots will last you for years.


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P.S. Flex Seal colors include white, black, clear, brown, almond, silver, green, blue, red, terra-cotta, and yellow. (Click here to grab your favorite colors.)

Instead of buying a brand-new one, seal it with Flex Seal. (If you need to/flex-seal-colors restock, swing by your local retailer. You can also get Flex Seal here.) All you have to do is put the dry, clean stand on a flat surface. Make sure you cover the area you are spraying with a drop cloth. (This will protect your furniture and floor from unwanted spray.)