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Tips to Help Save Money on Home Improvement

Cheap home improvement projects are a great way to increase the value of your house. After all, it’s more than a house – it’s your home… and it can also be your most costly investment.

Check out these tips on how to save money improving your home’s appearance and avoiding major repairs in the future. Trust the power of Flex Seal Family of Products (Yes! That stuff you’ve seen on TV!), to help you spend less money now and save more in long run.

1) Do it yourself. D.I.Y. projects are the best way to make cheap home improvements. The great thing about Flex Seal products is that they were made with the “everyday homeowner” in mind. Before you call out the professionals, assess the damage and see if you can fix it on your own. We bet you can!

2) Demo yourself. (This is the fun part!) For the projects you just can’t fix on your own, save money on the whole project by doing the demoing yourself. When it comes to cabinets, built-in furniture, or other exterior structures, don’t pay for someone else to have all the fun – do the tear down on your own. (However, we don’t recommend tackling any demoing that involves walls, plumbing, or electricity.)

3) Improve. Don’t replace. Cheap home improvements and repairs are a great way to avoid spending money on costly equipment and home fixtures. Small changes can make a huge difference. Ask yourself, can this be salvaged or is there another project that is smaller that will make the same improvements?  Flex Tape Clear and Flex Shot are great solutions for small kitchen and bathroom repairs that will last for many years to come.

4) Get the materials yourself. Whether you’re completing the project yourself or you’ve hired someone else to do the job, get a supply list together and shop for these items yourself. Do a simple online search to find out where the cheapest options are available (this will save you time, as well).

5) Find deals and take advantage.  Subscribe to emails from home improvement stores and brands to receive updates on the latest sales. Take advantage of these sales as they roll out. Even if the item is not on your supply list today, it may be in the future. *Insider tip: Many companies and big-box retail stores run sales and promotions during holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day.