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//5 Flex Seal Hacks for Travelers

5 Flex Seal Hacks for Travelers

Come meet the Flex Seal Team! Almost every weekend, we launch what we call activations. Activations are interactive campaigns where we bring our Flex Seal Family of Products to a town near you.

We set up our Flex Seal displays at nationwide retailers and events – like the Warrior Dash and Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, just to name a couple.

Activations are a great opportunity for you to meet the Flex Seal team in person, see the power of the products for yourself, and learn creative DIY tips.

Before you pack up for your next activation trip or family vacation, get prepared with Flex Seal.

Flex Hack #1: Waterproof Your Carry-On.

The last thing you want on a trip is for your belongings to get destroyed. So make sure your luggage is secure, come hell or high water. A good laptop will run you about $700. And water damage is a surefire way to send you right back in line to buy a new one. But who wants to do that? At Flex Seal, we believe in fixing problems ourselves. We also believe in taking preventive action before those problems arise. Spray your carry-on bag with Flex Seal to make sure no water seeps through the material. This will protect all of your valuables – including your electronics.

Flex Hack #2: Repair Ripped Luggage.

If you have a rip or tear in your luggage, don’t be so quick to trash it. That’s why we have Flex Tape. It has all of the water-blocking abilities as your can of Flex Seal. Just cut your Flex Tape to the desired dimension (with the backing still on). Then peel off the backing and firmly press the Flex Tape over the entire rip or tear. Add Flex Tape to the inside and outside of the rip for double duty. Flex Tape has no curing time. That means it works instantly. The holding power will get stronger the longer it’s on the surface.

Flex Hack #3: No More Broken Handles.

Who has ever broken the handles on their rolling suitcases? We’ll be the first to raise our hands. It’s annoying to have to roll your luggage without using the extended handle. If your handles snap or crack, just grab Flex Tape. After cutting the Flex Tape and removing the backing, wrap the Flex Tape around the handle so that it fits nice and snug. Don’t leave any bubbles or gaps in your taping job. The tighter you wrap Flex Tape around the handle, the better.

Flex Hack #4: Make Your Bags Stand Out.

Lost luggage happens. You’re waiting in the baggage claim area, and there are countless black suitcases. And sometimes, they all just look the same. Make your luggage stand out! Flex Seal comes in 12 vibrant colors: Black, White, Brite (Off White), Terra Cotta, Yellow, Green, Red, Clear, Silver, Brown, Almond, and Blue. Just spray your bags down with Flex Seal Colors. They will pretty much scream out to you when you see them coming around the belt in the baggage claim area.

Flex Hack #5: Keep Your Wheels Rubberized.

Flex Seal dries into a waterproof, airtight rubber that conforms to the shape of almost any surface. That includes the wheels on your luggage. Flex Seal will guard your wheels against the standard wear and tear. It’s also strong enough to fight winter’s bite and tough enough to beat summer’s heat. So you won’t have to worry about it dripping, sagging, cracking, or peeling. It’s perfect for keeping your wheels in top condition.

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