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//5 Surprising Uses for Flex Tape

5 Surprising Uses for Flex Tape

FLEX TAPE® is not your typical adhesive. These surprising uses for tape will blow your mind away!

The fact of the matter is, that things break and often need repairs. There are many surprising uses for tape that prevent and fix everyday household problems. FLEX TAPE® is every handyman’s dream. It seals water leaks instantly! It works on just about any surface. It’s made with a triple thick adhesive, making it hard for water or air to penetrate through it. Not to mention, it has a strong grip like no other.

But, that’s not all FLEX TAPE® is good for. It’s much more than just a fix for everyday house repairs. It’s also your go-to for those odd, yet pesky issues that pop up along the way.

Here are five surprising uses for tape and why FLEX TAPE®, specifically, is the answer to your problems.

#1: Bugs, bugs, bugs. 
So, maybe you don’t have tiki torches around to keep the bugs away. FLEX TAPE® will still get the job done for you. Hang long strips of FLEX TAPE® in areas you want to minimize bugs. For the biggest effect, create long loops with the FLEX TAPE® (with the adhesive part facing the outside of the loop). FLEX TAPE® ’s adhesive is so thick that it will be extremely hard for any small insects to detach themselves.

#2: No more scuffs on your floors.
If you have tile or wood floors, you know the risk of moving furniture around. If you don’t want to nick or scuff the floors, use this surprising use for tape. Add a swatch of FLEX TAPE® to the bottom of your furniture’s legs. Now, you don’t have to worry about your furniture wearing down or tearing. Even better, it’ll help prevent your furniture from scuffing or scratching your floors.

#3: Label your cooler items.
The next time you’re p
acking up some drinks and snacks in your cooler for a sporting event, beach day, or outdoor adventure grab some FLEX TAPE®! This strong adhesive makes for the perfect waterproof labels for all of the damp items in your cooler. Apply FLEX TAPE® before or after you place these items in the cooler because it will even stick to wet surfaces!

#4: Get protection from the elements.
Many Flex Sealers have used FLEX TAPE® on their windows for inclement weather, like hurricanes. Since FLEX TAPE® remains flexible and adapts to the shape of whatever surface you apply it to, it’s great for supporting windows during windy times. FLEX TAPE® your windows to give them support and to block out water leaks.

#5: Repair your winter rides.
Patch up your sled for an incredible ride on the snow. It could be plastic or wood surface, but FLEX TAPE® will work just fine. Its triple strong adhesive will keep any snow or air leaks from getting into your sled. And, if you have any jagged edges on your wooden sled, it’ll keep them smooth with its rubberized material.

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