Celebrate Labor Day with Flex Seal!
//Celebrate Labor Day with Flex Seal!

Celebrate Labor Day with Flex Seal!

Labor Day is one of America’s favorite 3-day weekends. It’s a time we salute the efforts of so many workers who’ve helped to build our economy.

In light of the holiday, grab an All-American can of Flex Seal. We’ve combined a few Labor Day DIY ideas for you before the festivities begin.

Maybe you’re entertaining folks at your home or you’re venturing out. Either way, anyone and everyone can put these projects to the test.

Supply List:

  • Flex Seal
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Stencils
  • Drop Cloth
  • High-Quality, Sharp Scissors

DIY Idea #1: Show Patriotism 
Labor Day is a time to show some American patriotism. Rep some red, white, and blue- just grab your can of Flex Seal Red, Flex Seal White, and Flex Seal Blue. If you have any old serving trays or containers, spray them with Flex Seal. Let them dry out back or in your garage. Once they’re completely dry, use these trays to show them off when your company arrives.

[Flex Tip: Flex Seal Aerosol should not come in contact with food. If you decide to create this project, make sure to have a food-grade safe plate on top of the Flex Seal-treated tray.]

DIY Idea #2: All Things Picnic-Related 
For Labor Day, many Americans enjoy BBQ, crabs, fruit, and other types of delicious foods. Instead of going out to the craft store to purchase decorations, make some of your own! Let’s say you want to have a themed lemonade and watermelon party, grab stencils to create your own designs for an apron, a chef’s hat, or decor for the table. Flex Seal comes in every color you’d need to get the job done: Black, White, Brite (Off White), Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Terra Cotta, Brown, Almond, Gray, and Clear.

[Flex Tip: Let each coat dry between 24 and 48 hours before adding the next coat. Let the last coat dry for 48 hours before testing out your project.]

DIY Idea #3: Not Your Average Boat Ride.
Some Americans are fortunate enough to go out on the water for Labor Day. That could include a myriad of water activities too – fishing, ski jets, snorkeling, water skiing, or just taking a casual swim. Flex Seal will seal and protect just about any surface. If you ever get a rip in your flippers from snorkeling, you can spray them with Flex Seal. Just make sure your flippers are dry and clean of oil, grease, and dirt before spraying them. Once your last coat of Flex Seal dries on your flippers, any tears or cracks will be gone. You’ll be able to hop on in the water like nothing ever happened.

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