Celebrate This Thanksgiving with Flex Seal
//Celebrate This Thanksgiving with Flex Seal

Celebrate This Thanksgiving with Flex Seal

Count your blessings. Thanksgiving is a great time to do just that. As you celebrate with your loved ones, do it in style.
Flex Seal is here at your service to make sure everything looks perfect before Thanksgiving dinner, and you can do it without breaking the bank. Now that’s something to be grateful for!

Since Flex Seal is anything but temporary, you can use our top 3 Thanksgiving DIY projects for many Turkey Days to come.

Supply List:

  • Flex Seal Clear
  • Flex Seal Fall Colors (Flex Seal Green, Flex Seal Almond, Flex Seal Terra-Cotta, Flex Seal Brown)
  • Flex Shot
  • 18” Natural Grapevine Wreath
  • Pinecones
  • Unpainted Acorns
  • Glitter (Color of Your Choosing)
  • Artificial Fall Leaves
  • Medium-Sized Foam Pumpkin
  • Solid Color Serving Plate (Silver or Gold)
  • Three Wine Glasses
  • Electronic Tea Light Candles
  • Drop Cloth

DIY Project #1: Pumpkin Serving Tray.
You can buy 1-3 medium-sized plastic pumpkins from your nearest craft store (or even the dollar store) Place them on a drop cloth in a well-ventilated area. Consider a garage, your front porch, or the back patio. Shake your can of Flex Seal Terra-Cotta vigorously for a minute. From an 8-12 inch distance, spray your pumpkins in an even sweeping motion until the entire pumpkin is covered in Flex Seal. Allow for 24-48 hours before each coat. Let the last coat dry before moving ahead. This part is easy. Flex Shot the top of each pumpkin to the bottom of a serving tray. When applying Flex Shot, apply from a 45-degree angle. Allow this project to dry for 24 hours before moving it.

[Did You Know: Turkey was not served at the first Thanksgiving.]

DIY Project #2: Thanksgiving Wreath.
Here’s an idea that will last throughout the entire Fall season. Grab your grapevine wreath, artificial leaves, pinecones, and unpainted acorns. Perfect Fall colors are Flex Seal Terra-Cotta, Flex Seal Green, Flex Seal Silver, Flex Seal Brown, and Flex Seal Almond. Spray your pinecones and acorns whichever Flex Seal Colors you choose. Make your artificial leaves really stand out by spraying them with your color choice. Cover them with silver or gold glitter. And seal the leaves with Flex Seal Clear. Once all accessories are dry (48 hours after last coat), Flex Shot each piece onto your Thanksgiving wreath. Let the Flex Shot dry for 24 hours. Not only will the wreath last for many fall seasons, but it’s also great for a family project.

[Did You Know: TV dinners were invented because of Thanksgiving.]

DIY Project #3: Pumpkin Wine Glass Candle Holders.
And here’s the perfect centerpiece. Turn your wine glasses (three different heights) into pumpkins. Spray the stem and base with Flex Seal Green. Spray the outside of the bowl with Flex Seal Terra-Cotta. Once they are dry, set them upside down. Sit electronic tea light candles on top of each wine glass’s base.

What Are Your Favorite Thanksgiving DIY Projects?

If you put these Thanksgiving projects to use, let us know. We’re always looking for new ways to make your holidays a little brighter. And if you have your own Flex Seal Thanksgiving DIY ideas – we want to hear every single one of them. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube – and comment! If you have your projects on video, don’t forget to tag us!

Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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