Celebrating Flex Seal Clear’s Milestone!
//Celebrating Flex Seal Clear’s Milestone!

Celebrating Flex Seal Clear’s Milestone!

It’s a big milestone for Flex Seal Clear. In 2011, around this time, we published a commercial showing the power of Flex Seal Clear.

Phil Swift, the pitchman for  Flex Seal, did something unheard of. To the average Joe, it’s insane to do what Phil and our Flex Seal Team did, but there’s nothing average about Flex Seal Clear. And there’s nothing average about our Flex Sealers.

We replaced the bottom of a rowboat with plexiglass, drilled holes in it, and took it for a spin on the water. It was an incredible feat for Flex Seal Clear.

Recap #1: Replace Rowboat Bottom With Plexiglass. In August 2011, the Flex Seal Team replaced the bottom of a rowboat with plexiglass. With the help of a power drill, they, then, drilled over 100 holes into the plexiglass. By normal standards, the boat would never sail the water again. But Phil and the gang knew just what they were doing.

[Flex Tip: Before, Flex Sealing your surface, make sure your surface is dry and clean of dirt, grease, and oil.]

Recap #2: Flex Seal It Clear. In an even sweeping motion, the Flex Seal Team sprayed Flex Seal Clear on the plexiglass from an 8- to 12-inch distance. Letting each coat dry 24 to 48 hours, Phil and the team added several coats of Flex Seal Clear to the plexiglass. Before putting Flex Seal Clear to the test, the team let the final coat dry for 48 hours.

[Flex Tip: Flex Seal Clear will work on almost every surface. It’s the top water sealant in the country – keeping out moisture, water, and air.]

Recap #3: Test It Out on the Water. Phil took the boat out on the water, and the results were just as expected – no leaks, no hassles, no problems. Flex Seal Clear is your go-to rubber in a can. It dries into an airtight, waterproof rubber sealant handling even the largest of projects.

We can show you better than we can tell you. Take a look at the commercial for yourself!

Flex Seal Clear remains a crowd favorite. Every day, we receive new ways that our Flex Sealers put Flex Seal Clear to the test – cars, boats, outside the house, arts, and crafts. There’s almost nothing that Flex Seal Clear can’t handle. No wonder we get bombarded with feedback so often.

If you haven’t reached out to us yet, we’d love to hear about how Flex Seal Clear is working for you. Just leave a comment on any of our social media pages.

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Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

P.S. Flex Seal Clear is the only way to protect the surface and keep its original color. If you ever need to restock (or even want to venture out into the other 11 color options), just go here.