DIY Guide – Turn Your Basement Into a Gym
//DIY Guide: Turn Your Basement into a Gym with Flex Seal Products

DIY Guide: Turn Your Basement into a Gym with Flex Seal Products

Motivating Yourself To Workout Has Never Looked So Good With The Help of The Flex Seal Family of Products.

The Flex Seal Family of Products transforms the ordinary into the unthinkable. Here’s a quick DIY project for all of you gym heads. Throw away your expensive gym memberships and transform your basement into a gym.

Supply List:

● Flex Seal
● Flex Seal Liquid
● Flex Tape
● Drop Cloth
● Paint Roller

To make sure you do it right, grab your favorite Flex Seal Family Products. Not only will they give you a smooth finish, but they’ll also save you money over the long haul. The average gym membership will run you almost $1,000 per year. That’s not including fancy, all-inclusive packages you might be sold into… or gas money for getting to the gym.

At Flex Seal Headquarters, we’re big-picture thinkers. We know that over the years, many people are sucking their wallets dry with gym memberships. And we know just the way to help you keep your hard-earned money in your pockets.

Update Old Equipment.

Whether you have old equipment around the house or if you snag some for cheap online, Flex Seal Family Products will make them like brand new. Pick from any of the 11 vibrant colors of Flex Seal Colors to spray your bench press set. Flex Seal dries as a rubber, airtight, waterproof sealant. Not only will your “rubber in a can” protect the metal from rusting, but it also helps you keep your grip on the bar.

[Flex Tip: Before using any of the Flex Seal Family Products, put down a drop cloth around your working area so that you don’t get and products on unwanted areas.]

Color-Coordinate Weights.

Spray your weights (kettlebell and disc alike) with Flex Seal spray. It will prevent water damage and you can easily organize each weight amount by color. This will save you time during your workouts. It’ll also prevent you from pulling muscles by accidentally grabbing a heavy weight.

[Flex Tip: Make sure your surface is clean before using any of our products. While some work on wet surfaces, they all work best on dry surfaces clean of oil, grease, and dirt.]

Flex Tape the Cushions for Double Duty.

If any of the seating is ripped on your equipment, patch it with Flex Tape. You don’t want any sweat seeping inside of the cushions. After slapping Flex Tape on the rip or hole, grab your Flex Seal aerosol can and spray the entire cushion. The whole cushion will be protected and you can make it any color you’d like.

[Flex Tip: The room must be well-ventilated. Keep the windows and door open in the basement, and get a fan running.]

Cut Down on Noise.

Flex Seal Liquid blocks out moisture, water, air, and vibrations. Brush or roll Flex Seal Liquid on the walls (and ceilings) in your basement. This will cut down on the noise that travels from your basement throughout your home. The last thing your family wants to hear is weights banging at 6:00 AM on a Saturday morning.

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Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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