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5 Flex Tape DIY Repair Hacks

These DIY repair hacks will save you time, money, and a whole lotta stress!

Home and automotive repairs can very expensive and finding a professional to hire can be a task in and of itself. Flex Tape Clear is a great option to help you fix many common damages that happen in your home, to your vehicles, and much more!


  1. Repair pools and spas with a clear watertight seal. (Flex Tip: Don’t worry about draining out any remaining water… Flex Tape Clear even works underwater!)

Pool and spa DIY repair with Flex Tape


  1. Repair indoor and outdoor light fixtures. (Flex Tip: The clear Flex Tape option is perfect for quick lighting DIY repairs because it allows light to shine through.)

Light fixture DIY repair with Flex Tape


  1. Make quick repairs to damaged furniture. (Flex Tip: Unlike many other strong adhesive tapes, Flex Tape Clear allows you to make cosmetic repairs without changing the look of your beautiful surfaces.)

Repair furniture with Flex Tape Clear


  1. Use Flex Tape Clear for emergency auto repairs. (Flex Tip: Keep a roll in your vehicle for quick DIY repairs when accidents happen.)

DIY Headlight Repair with Flex Tape Clear


  1. Use Flex Tape clear to repair countertops. (Flex Tip: You will no longer need to replace chipped, cracked, or torn countertops. Flex Tape Clear will fix the damage and it’s virtually invisible!)

DIY repairs for countertops using Flex Tape Clear