7 Easy Auto Repairs and Projects Using Flex Tape
//7 Easy Auto Repairs Using Flex Tape

7 Easy Auto Repairs Using Flex Tape

Find out why you need this product to help fix all your easy auto repairs.

Flex Tape has been revered as one of the Flex Seal Family of Products most versatile products due to its ability to be used on a wide variety of surfaces and its easy-to-use applications. Many ‘flexperts’ claim that it’s their new go-to tool for easy auto repairs on cars, trucks, ATVs, and more! Check out these reasons why you should keep Flex Tape stocked in your vehicles that will help with these common easy auto repairs:

1) Repair a broken tail light.
Cut your Flex Tape to the required size. Remove the backing and firmly press tape along the broken part of your tail light. Flex Tape Clear is the perfect option for this type of auto repair because the translucent color will allow the light to pass through.

Most importantly, the Flex Tape will create a waterproof seal – keeping rain and moisture from the inside of your tail light.

*Flex Tape Tip: To get rid of air pockets and bubbles, use your fingers, a rubber roller, or a plastic squeegee.

2) Fix your license plates.
Having trouble attaching your license plate? Maybe the screws came loose during your travels. Not a problem. You can easily repair this by using Flex Tape to hold the license plate to your car.

Make a few loops of Flex Tape with the adhesive on the outside. Firmly press the tape to the back of the plate. Then, press the license plate against your car.

*Flex Tape Tip: Flex Tape’s bond will get stronger over time and with heat. If you need to reposition, do so immediately.   

3) Reattach your rearview mirror.
Create a small loop of Flex Tape with the adhesive on the outside. Firmly press the tape against the side of your rearview car mirror that attaches to the car. Then, attach the mirror to the proper place on your car.

Hold and press firmly to allow the bond to strengthen.

4) Repair damaged your car bumper.
A damaged car bumper is no pretty sight. If you have a cracked or disconnected car bumper, just Flex Tape it back together. For the sake of appearance, you may want to remove the bumper and tape it back together on the inside, if possible.

This will prevent the tape from being seen on the outside of the bumper after you reattach it.

5) Keep your car’s hood closed shut.
If you’re having trouble keeping your car hood closed shut, cut a piece of Flex Tape that’s long enough to create a small circle.

Place the tape (with the adhesive on the outside) in place of where your car hood hook would typically be.

(Think of how you’d attach a bow to a present with tape.) Then, attach the broken piece on top of the tape and add firm pressure. Flex Tape will keep the hook in place, allowing you to latch the top of the hood down securely.

6) Keep your floor mats in place.
Apply Flex Tape to the bottom of your car floor mats. Just cut your desired sizes, remove the backing, and apply to the complete bottom surface of your mats. The tape will give your mats more grip and prevent them from sliding around so much.

Want to waterproof your floor mats? Just cover the entire floor mat (top and bottom) in Flex Tape. Not only will this keep your floor mats in place, but it will prevent your floors from liquid stains.

7) Fix your exhaust.
If you have a hole in your exhaust, you can patch it with Flex Tape. Cut a piece of tape to completely cover the hole. Take a second piece of Flex Tape and wrap it around the entire exhaust – including the first patch that you attached.

*Flex Tape Tip: Flex Tape can be applied in a range of temperatures from 20° F to 120° F.


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