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Flex Fans – Marching to the Beat of Their Drums

Throughout the years, Flex Seal has developed quite the following and Flex Fans continue to grow in numbers daily. One special group of young Flex Fans reached out to us from Athens Area, Pennsylvania representing the Athens High Wildcats Marching Band. These young drummers were excited to share their enthusiasm for all things Flex Seal with us and told us they were planning on using our products and merchandise to dress up like Phil Swift during their town’s Halloween parade. While each section of the band would be wearing their own costumes, the drumline’s costume was going to be Phil Swift. From the Flex Seal polo all the way down to the jeans and work boots, each member had the classic Phil Swift look down to a tee.

Athens Wildcats score Flex Seal merch.

What people don’t know is that several members of the Flex Seal Activation team were in drumline as well and continue to drum as a group as part of each show they attend throughout the U.S. Their message resonated within us and inspired us to see what we could do to take their performance to the next level and really have a special impact. We sent over tons of Flex Seal merchandise so these Flex Fans could “Flex On!” and share their Flex pride with the rest of the school. Not only that, we also sent them cans that they can repurpose for drums to really hit it out of the park. With roughly half of the band being in attendance while the package was opened, word quickly spread from classmate to classmate and Flex Seal became the talk of the school!

Athens Wildcats wearing Flex Seal

Although the parade got rained out, the rain couldn’t keep their spirits down because these drummers were ecstatic to try out their new Flex swag as well as repurposed drums so they could put on a show! As you can see in the video below, these drummers are beyond excited and perform a special Flex inspired routine that we are delighted to share. We are thrilled that we were able to put smiles on just a few of our Flex fans faces and cannot wait to interact with more of our fans in the future. If you want to be decked out like the Athens High Wildcats Marching Band, make sure to check out our Flex Seal merch and remember….Flex On!!!