Flex Seal Has 3 Halloween Tricks Up Its Sleeve
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Flex Seal Has 3 Halloween Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Before you trick or treat, make sure your pantry is complete. The kids need the perfect costumes. And the decorations must be just right. Fortunately for you, Flex Seal will make your Halloween an unforgettable night.
Don’t be so quick to rush the lines and spend unnecessary money. Try something new this Halloween. Flex Seal has 3 DIY tricks up its sleeve for you, the kids, and your honey.

Supply List:
● Flex Seal Colors
● Flex Seal Liquid
● 3 Glass Vases
● Cardboard
● Drop Cloth
● Box Cutter
● 3 Mason Jars
● 3 Battery Tea Light Candles
● Marker
● Ruler
● Paint Brush
● Paint Tray
● Halloween Stickers

Halloween Trick #1: Tombstone.
Give your front yard an eerie feel with a homemade cardboard tombstone. Pick your preferred dimensions. Mark the outline of your tombstone with a ruler and marker. Use a box cutter to carve out the tombstone. In a well-ventilated area (outside is a great option), spray your tombstone with Flex Seal Black or Flex Seal Silver. Both will give your tombstone a clean finish and protect it from the weather elements. Flex Seal dries into an airtight, waterproof rubber that blocks out moisture. Spray your Flex Seal can from an 8- to 12-inch distance from the tombstone. Let each coat dry for 24 to 48 hours. Once the final coat is dry, pour a small portion of Flex Seal Liquid White into a paint tray. Dip a paintbrush into the paint tray, and use the Flex Seal Liquid White to write “R. I. P.” on the tombstone.

[Did You Know: Halloween is derived from an ancient pagan festival called Samhain that took place in the United Kingdom, northwestern France, and Ireland.]

Halloween Trick  #2: Candy Corn Vases.
What’s Halloween without candy corn? Set your 3 glass vases on a drop cloth in a well-ventilated area. Spray the center area of each vase with Flex Seal Terra Cotta. Then spray the bottom portion with Flex Seal Yellow. Finish your project with spraying the top portion of each vase with Flex Seal White. Use the vases for decorations around the house. If you really want to get festive, put candy corn candy inside of each vase after you’ve let the last coat of Flex Seal dry.

[Did You Know: Jack-o’-lanterns weren’t originally made out of pumpkins. They were originally created with potatoes, beets, and turnips.]

Halloween Trick #3: Spooky Mason Jar Luminaries.
In the back of your house (or in the garage with the door open), set your 3 mason jars on a drop cloth. Unless you have the ability to draw your own stencils, buy Halloween stickers with distinctive shapes (i.e., a witch, ghost, pumpkin, goblin). Place the sticker evenly in the center of one of the sides of the mason jars. Next, we want to spray each jar in an even sweeping motion with your Flex Seal Color of choice. Flex Seal Black, Flex Seal White, Flex Seal Terra Cotta, and Flex Seal White (or Flex Seal Brite) are great Halloween picks. After the last coat dries, remove the stickers. Place a small battery tea light candle in each mason jar. The Halloween luminaries are perfect for decorating inside and outside the house.

Flex Seal: A Trick or Treat?

We hope this Halloween DIY Guide was a treat. We’re always cooking up new ways to put Flex Seal to the test – especially around the holidays. Do you have any Halloween-themed Flex Seal projects to share? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube – and let us know! If you have your projects on video, tag us!

Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade