10 Auto Repair Projects Using Flex Seal Family of Products
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10 Auto Repair Projects Using Flex Seal Products

Check out the best auto repair tips by real Flex Seal fans!

There’s no type of automobile that you can’t repair with Flex Seal Family of Products – ATVs, trucks, convertibles, and classic cars are just some to name a few. We took our products to the streets and asked our Flex Fans to put their favorite ones to the test. These are some of the best auto repairs with Flex Seal products that they came up with.


1. Customize Your ATV with Flex Seal.

If you’re a true ATV rider, you know that those vehicles can really take a beating. Freshen up the color and make your favorite off-road vehicle shine like new with Flex Seal Colors.  Check out the Flex Fan submission below of a repaired child’s power wheels quad. This fan searched long and hard for a product that could change the look of his son’s favorite toy and withstand any kind of outdoor terrain. Luckily, he found the perfect sealant spray for the job – Flex Seal Blue.

ATV Repair with Flex Seal Blue


2. Use Flex Seal to Revamp Your Car’s Exterior.

Take this auto repair tip from one Flex Fan who truly loves to take his Jeep off-road. In order to smooth out a lot of existing rock chips on the rocker panels of his Jeep, he used Flex Seal Black on the rocker panels. He was so impressed with the results that he decided to use Flex Seal Black throughout his entire vehicle. Take a look at the image below –the parts in black have been sealed with Flex Seal.

Auto repair with Flex Seal




3. Reseal the Trunk of Your Car with Flex Seal.

Here is a Flex Seal auto repair on a classic car. Flex Seal White was used to seal the entire trunk of this 1966 Mercury Comet convertible for a crisp, clean finish. Take a look at the ‘Before and After’ photo below.

Trunk repair with Flex Seal spray



4. Flex Seal Liquid – Tough Enough for a Tow Truck

But, don’t’ take our word for it. Check out what this Flex Fan had to say about Flex Seal Liquid, “Flex seal is tough enough for our tool boxes on our 40-ton tri-axle tow truck up here in Maine!”

Flex seal liquid tow truck repair



5. Flex Seal on Fender Wells.

In one fan’s DIY auto repair project, Flex Seal Black was used to coat the inside of the fender wells to protect them against rust on his Jeep. In addition, another fan used Flex Seal Black on the rotted areas of the fender wells of his 1981 Mercedes. Check it out below.

Fender well repair with flex seal spray



6. Protect Your Truck’s Bed Liner.

Over time, truck bed liners can really take a beating – that means rust, leaks, and erosion. If you find yourself in that situation, try using Flex Seal to protect it against damage. This fan below sprayed it along his truck bed liner with ease to protect it against the elements.

truck bed liner repair with flex seal



7. Got Rust on Your Vehicle?

Did you know Flex Seal can actually prevent rust from the beginning? As a sealant, it helps to block out moisture, which keeps the rust at bay. This 20-year-old car had rust on almost every surface. Once the rust had been cleared off completely, Flex Seal was applied to all the affected areas. This car owner told us, “Flex Seal is the best solution I’ve found!”

prevent vehicle rust with flex seal


8. Side View Mirror Damaged? Here’s Your Best Shot:

Cracks in side view mirrors can happen more often than you may think. An easy and reliable solution is to use Flex Shot to piece it back together! That’s exactly what this fan did. Learn how he did it below:

side view mirror repair with flex shot



9. Boost Your Car’s Performance.

If you’re into NASCAR, you’ll enjoy this auto repair tip. JD Motorsports uses Flex Shot to seal off the gaps between the exhaust and the exhaust skirt. This technique has helped the Flex Seal Racing Team vehicles race faster on the track.

exhaust repair with flex shot



10. Flex Tape Your Car’s Bumper for an Easy Repair. 

Sarrah K. from Orillia, Ontario “I fixed my bumper, it’s been on there for a year!”

Flex Tape, Bumper, Fix, DIY,










Flex Pro Tip: Here’s a quick list of things NOT to use any of the Flex Seal Family of Products on: automobile tire repair, gas tank repairs, or gasoline submersion. For any other questions about our products uses or applications, call us at 833-411-3539 or email us at [email protected]

Need to make a quick auto repair today? Stock up on your favorite Flex Seal Family of Products at your nearest Lowe’s or Walmart store.