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The Flex Seal Dos and Don’ts for Basement Waterproofing

Does your basement look more like an indoor pond? Listen up! These Flex Seal solutions will help you with all of your basement waterproofing needs.

Mother nature has her way of turning basements inside out, but the Flex Seal Family of Products is here to change the basement waterproofing game.

If you have a wet basement or if you simply want to prevent a wet basement, these dos and don’ts are for you. Learn to keep your basement walls dry with our favorite Flex Seal tips. Grab the items from the supply list and let’s get rolling…

Supply List:
Flex Seal
Flex Seal Liquid
Flex Shot
● Paint roller
● Paint Tray
● Drop Cloth
● Sharp, High-Quality Pair of Scissors

Do #1: Identify the Leak Immediately.
Find the moisture or source of the leak in your basement. Water and moisture have several sneaky ways of seeping into your walls. Once you’ve done this, you’ve won half of the battle. Basic things such as pipe leaks can cause decay in the foundation and basement walls. Wet basement walls can cause humidity levels to rise around the house. To avoid this domino effect, make sure your basement waterproofing efforts are done correctly and with the most reliable products.

[Interior Don’t: Don’t forget to attend to all other leaks inside your home. This includes window leaks, washing machines, or plumbing leaks. All of these examples give way to collecting moisture. Do not let the problems persist.]

Do #2. Clean the Surface.
Before applying any of the products in the Flex Seal Family, wipe down the surface. It must be clean of any grease, dirt, oil, mildew, or mold. (Bleach and water can be used to scrub away mold). Let your surface dry before moving on. You want to apply your Flex Seal Family of Products to a clean surface for the best basement waterproofing.

[Exterior Don’t: Don’t neglect the things outside of your home that may cause your basement to collect moisture. Consider extending downspouts away from the home. Do not let rainwater collect near the foundation.]

Do #3. Seal It Up.

Flex Shot and Flex Seal Liquid are great options for attacking a basement wall leak. If you have a crack in the corner of a wall, it’s suggested that you use Flex Shot.

How to use Flex Shot: Cut the extender to the length you’d prefer. This will adjust the size of the bead. From a 45 degree angle, press the Flex Shot nozzle as it runs along the said crack. Flex Shot turns into a solid rubber within 24 hours.

If the crack runs down the center of your wall, you need heavy duty enforcement with Flex Seal Liquid.

How to use Flex Seal Liquid: Pour your Flex Seal Liquid in the paint tray. Dip a paint roller in your Flex Seal Liquid and roll it along the crack. Before adding another coat, let the first one dry for 24 hours. Give the last coat 48 hours to dry.

Did These Tips Keep Your Basement Dry?

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