Flex Seal: DIY Gifts for Father’s Day
//Flex Seal: DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Flex Seal: DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Do something special for Dad. With The Flex Seal Family of Products, you have everything you need to make this Father’s Day unforgettable. Think about all of the things your father has fixed around the house over the years and all of the sacrifices he has made to make your childhood house a home.

Now it’s time to give back and say “thank you.” And all you will need is Flex Seal! Consider these three unique and thoughtful DIY Flex Seal gifts. Some are even great gifts to make with your kids for your husband. But before you get started, grab the items from the supply list below:

Supply List:

● Flex Seal Clear
● Flex Seal White
● Your Favorite Flex Seal Color
● Hammers
● Colorful Markers
● Large Rock
● Drop Cloth
● Mason Jar

Flex Gift #1: Dad Rocks!
Here’s a great project for the kids. Pick a huge rock from your yard, or if it’s not readily available you may purchase some at craft stores. Strip the rock from any debris (including gloss) it has. Sit it on a drop cloth so that you don’t get Flex Seal in unwanted areas. Spray the rock with Flex Seal White. Have your kids write special messages over Flex Seal with colorful permanent markers after it completely dries. (Give the last coat 48 hours to dry.) Seal their new creations with Flex Seal Clear. You may need a few coats. Flex Seal will prevent the drawings from being distorted.

[Flex Tip: The rocks might go nicely in your yard. Flex Seal is strong enough to withstand summer’s heat and winter’s bite.]

Flex Gift #2: Because Dad Nails It!
Every handyman likes to keep fresh tools. And at Flex Seal, that’s our expertise. Grab a couple of brand-new light-colored hammers. If there is any protective gloss on the handles, remove it by sanding it down to its original state. Let your kids write special messages (in marker) on the handle like, “As a dad, you always nail it!” Once done, seal the handle with Flex Seal Clear.

[Flex Tip: Flex Seal dries into an airtight, waterproof rubber sealant that creates a non-slip grip. So Dad can put his decorative hammer to good use. It’s not just for show.]

Flex Gift #3: Get Ready for Game Day.
No one knows your dad or husband better than you. Treat your dad or husband to tickets to his watch his favorite baseball team play. But do it in style. Spray a mason jar with Flex Seal White. Once the last coat is dry, draw on the red stitching (of a baseball) onto the jar. After the coats are completely dry, seal the jar with Flex Seal Clear. Fill the jar with your game tickets and any extra game-related goodies like his favorite chocolate or candy.

So What Do You Think?

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Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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