Flex Seal DIY: Triathalon Fixes and Hacks
//Triathlon Fixes and Hacks Using Flex Seal Products

Triathlon Fixes and Hacks Using Flex Seal Products


Get Race Day Ready with The Flex Seal Family of Products!

Prepping for a 5K or triathlon is no small feat. Challenges arise on both training day and competition day. The good news is, The Flex Seal Family of Products can help athletes like you make it to the finish line smoothly.

Sun, rain, sleet or snow, Flex Seal will protect your gear – and keep you warm and dry. Flex Seal dries to a rubber, airtight, waterproof, sealant that comes second to none.


Waterproofing your gear will give you the advantage over your opponents. Preparing for a rainy race day can be easy, with the right tools. The two biggest things to focus on are your feet and head. Spray your running shoes with Flex Seal aerosol. You will 1. waterproof your sneakers and 2. create a non-slip grip. Soggy shoes are uncomfortable to run in and will distract you (and weigh you down) during your run. With the roads being slick from the rain, the last thing you want is to lose your mojo because your sneakers keep sliding on the pavement. Also, grab a baseball cap and waterproof it with Flex Seal spray, too.

[Flex Tip: Shake your can of Flex Seal spray vigorously for 60 seconds. In a sweeping motion, spray the surface from 8-12 inches away. Apply several coats. Allow 24-48 hours for each coat to dry before adding another. Make sure you spray your last coat 48 hours before testing out your sneakers and hat. Don’t wait until competition day to “test” them out.]


Any veteran swimmer knows that swim caps are one of the most important things to wear during a swim meet. You don’t want soaking wet hair slowing you down when you’re trying to beat your time from the last race. A quick tip for swim caps… if you have a hole in your cap, use Flex Tape. It comes in black and white. And it sticks immediately. Just cut, peel, stick and seal. Let the super strong, waterproof tape stick to your swim cap for 24 hours to reach its maximum hold.

[Flex Tip: If you want to win the race in style, spray over your cap with Flex Seal Colors (12 vibrant colors). Not only will you beat the competition, but your bright swim cap will make sure no one misses it.]


Make sure your bike is in top condition before riding it in a race. Flex Seal Family Products are great for bike repairs. If your seat has a tear in it, just patch it with Flex Tape. If you want to waterproof your entire seat, spray it with Flex Seal Colors. If you find yourself in a rainy bike race, you don’t want to sit on a soggy seat. And since Flex Seal creates a non-slip grip, spray your handlebars and bike pedals. Lastly, since it can be hard for others to see in the rain, make sure that you and your bike stand out. Flex Seal Colors are perfect for changing your bike’s color.

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