Flex Seal Versus Spray Paint – Whats the Difference?
//Flex Seal vs. Spray Paint

Flex Seal vs. Spray Paint

Flex Seal is liquid rubber in a can, but what exactly differentiates it from conventional spray paint?

If you have a few paint projects around the house, consider picking up a can of Flex Seal before purchasing a good ol’ can of spray paint. Nothing wrong with the latter, but why just paint when you can also protect?

At first glance, the difference isn’t obvious. Both are aerosol cans, right? But, let’s take a closer look. The beauty of Flex Seal is its application is just as easy as what you’re used to, but it doubles its efforts while decreasing yours.

Flex Seal vs Spray Paint
It takes less time to cover a surface spraying Flex Seal because of its thicker consistency that sprays out liquid and dries to a flexible rubberized coating. Unlike conventional paint, you won’t have to worry about constantly repainting because your project has already been coated AND sealed. Now you can do everything from painting and protecting your white picket fence from wood rot to sealing your leaky gutter with just one product.

Say you want to repaint your outdoor iron furniture. You could take a can of paint to its surface, but what ends up happening? The rust will naturally rear its ugly head again. Flex Seal, on the other hand, not only covers up the rust it also prevents it from growing, never to be seen again! Why is this important? Well, it saves you time and money. You won’t need to take the time to drive to your local retailer to purchase another few cans of paint and retouch the very project you just finished!

Better yet, unlike paint, Flex Seal will not chip or yellow. Its formula is meant to withstand the daily wear and tear both indoors as well as outdoors as it’s also UVA and UVB resistant.

Another perk is that it adheres itself to almost every surface imaginable. Much like its spray paint counterpart, however, Flex Seal comes in 12 beautiful colors, including clear. Flex Seal keeps all the conveniences of spray painting while doing away with its downfalls.

Next time you’re at the store, I encourage you to give Flex Seal a try. It’s available in most of your local hardware stores at the paint counter or at the As Seen on TV section. You could also save yourself the drive, and purchase it on Amazon or on our site. If you ever need additional ideas, it’s as simple as referencing our social media accounts.

So go on, and tackle ALL the projects you’ve been putting off or don’t want to pay a handyman to do. Remember, with Flex Seal you don’t just get paint; you also get an essential household tool that protects your surfaces from potential damage, seals cracks and holes to stop leaks, offers full coverage color, and has the power to refurbish surfaces.

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Happy Flex Sealin’ it!
By: Nick Wade

Is Flex Seal the best Product for the job? For sealing large surface areas requiring a thicker consistency and application, Flex Seal Liquid may be your best alternative.