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Flex Seal Winter Guide

With cold weather at its peak, the winter blues are setting in for many of us throughout the country. We at Flex Seal may not be able to take the cold and snow out of winter, but we can help you make it easier to deal with. Get through the winter season safely with our “2019 Flex Seal Winter Guide” the knowledgeable and experienced Flex Seal team has put together. It offers practical real-life advice and includes numerous tips on what to do before, during, and after the cold hits your area.

Flex Seal Winter Season Guide
Applying Flex Tape to your gutters

You will have peace of mind and feel safer during the winter season with the following information found inside of our helpful Winter Guide, such as:

  • How to plan and prepare for a cold weather emergency at home and on the road
  • How to use the Flex Seal Family of Products to winterize your car and home
  • Helpful items to have on hand during a snowstorm and cold weather emergency
  • Who to contact before and during a snow emergency
  • How to recover and repair your home from the damages of a storm

Don’t forget to check out our Winter Prep Kit (pictured below) to help you winterize and make quick and easy repairs to your home!

Winter Prep Kit Bundle