Everything You Need to Know About Flex Seal and Why It Works!
//Everything You Need to Know About Flex Seal and Why It Works!

Everything You Need to Know About Flex Seal and Why It Works!

Leaks? Cracks? Holes? Flex Seal is not just the way to go. It is the only way to go – the best of water sealants!

Why is Flex Seal the best product for the job?
When Flex Seal dries, it creates a rubberized coating on almost any surface. It blocks out moisture, air, and water. Flex Seal sealant is a long-term solution. So you can ditch your repairman and save thousands on thousands of dollars over the years to come. All you need is a good attitude and a can of Flex Seal.

What makes Flex Seal so amazing?

It’s adaptable!
Flex Seal is your go-to liquid rubber. It will dry to the form of whatever object or surface you spray it onto. Flex Seal works on wet surfaces, but it works best on dry ones, clean of dirt, grease, and grease. You can use it on almost anything: wood metals glass, porcelain, rubber, drywall, vinyl and so much more.

It’s resilient!
The summer heat and winter’s bite are just no match for Flex Seal spray. It also works best in conditions over 60°F and under 150°F With Flex Seal, you don’t have to keep redoing your work each and every year. Flex Seal won’t drip or sag in the summertime, and it won’t crack in the cold months. You can go years without seeing your Flex Seal crack, peel, or lose its effectiveness.

It’s multi-purpose!
Flex Seal is the handyman’s #1 rubberized spray. It can be used on roofs, in basements, attics, your backyard, in the garage. Not only does Flex Seal function as a water sealant, but it’s also an effective insulator. No wonder so many people spray it on their basement walls to prepare for the winter time. It can also be applied to pipes in the cold months. The spray will keep your pipes from freezing and bursting.

From automotive… to athletic gear… to flower pots… to holiday projects… to glass windows, there are no limits to how Flex Seal can save the day.

It comes with variety!
Flex Seal originally came in three different colors: clear, black, and brite (off white). But now Flex Seal Colors offers 9 more vibrant colors: green, silver, yellow, blue, red, terra cotta, white, brown, and almond. While each color still creates a waterproof, rubber sealant, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Do you need to revamp your patio furniture? Now, you have 12 colors to pick from.
Depending on the nature of your product, you can use a brush to paint Flex Seal. Just spray it into a container and use drip the brush in the container. Regardless of which option you take, Flex Seal will still have it rubberized sealant finish.

It’s fan-approved!
We could tell you about how amazing Flex Seal is until we are blue in the face. What’s most important is that you feel the same way. And at the end of the day, you are the reason we invest hours of brainstorming and experimenting. If we aren’t giving you the best products, then we’ve failed at our job. So we want to say “thank-you” for all of the testimonials that keep coming in.

Where have you used Flex Seal?
Our Flex Seal fans are always finding new, creative ways to put Flex Seal to the test. We’d love to hear about how well Flex Seal has been working for you. Just leave a comment on any of our social media pages.

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By Nick Wade