Using Flex Tape with Tents and Camping Equipment
//Using Flex Tape with Tents and Camping Equipment

Using Flex Tape with Tents and Camping Equipment

If there’s a problem, there is a Flex Seal Family of Product up for the challenge to fix it. Fans asked for an immediate fix to common problems, and we answered with Flex Tape! At Flex Seal, we’ve spent hundreds of hours brainstorming and perfecting our newest tool Flex Tape for this very application. You will find a need to use it for almost anything… house repairs, DIY projects, even getaway trips… like camping. We have compiled a handy list of some Flex Tape hacks you will sure to have a need for on your next camping trip!

*Flex Tip: Make sure your surface is clean of dirt, grease, and oils before attaching the Flex Tape.

Flex Tape Hack #1: Patch It Up.
Things are bound to rip and tear in the woods. So if you get a rip in your tent, backpack, or sleeping bag, no big deal. Just patch it with Flex Tape. Cut the Flex Tape to the desired dimension. Then remove the backing. Firmly press the tape over the cut or tear. Continue to press down firmly to remove any air pockets or bubbles. Allow 24 hours for Flex Tape to reach its maximum hold.

*Flex Tip: To get rid of air pockets and bubbles, use your fingers, a rubber roller, or a plastic squeegee.

Flex Tape Hack #2: No More Leaks.
Water sports are a popular pastime while camping, especially if there’s some type of lake nearby. Whether you have a leak in your kayak, tube or paddle board, just tape it. It’ll keep water from leaking through. You can even do the same thing to a bucket of water if need be. The leak will seal instantly.

*Flex Tip: Flex Tape works on both dry and wet surfaces – even underwater.

Flex Tape Hack #3: Tape It Back Together.
Did another fishing rod or tent pole snap on your camping trip? No worries, just grab your Flex Tape and wrap it all the way around the broken area of the pole or rod.
Give it 24 hours to reach the maximum hold.

Flex Tape Hack #4: Waterproof It.
If you want to waterproof your entire backpack, secure the inside of it with Flex Tape. In other words, make a liner of Flex Tape inside of the bag for complete waterproofing. If there’s a rainstorm, at least you know all of your belongings will be dry in your bag. This is especially important any electronics you’re carrying. You could also do something similar to the inside of your tent or at least the bottom of it if the ground is wet. No water will penetrate your valuables with Flex Tape!

Flex Tape Hack #5: How to Keep Warm.
Flex Tape also works on metal, like campers. If you have a hole in your camper, Flex Tape can help you with that too. It’s not your average roll of tape. Since it creates an airtight, waterproof seal, it will prevent a draft from entering your camper.

*Flex Tip: Flex Tape will adhere to most metals – including copper, steel, and aluminum.

Where have you used Flex Tape?
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Cheers to Flex Taping It,
Nike Wade

P.S. Flex Tape comes in two different colors – black and white. It also comes in three different sizes: Large (4” by 5’), Jumbo (8” by 5’), and Giant (12” by 10’).