Why Flex Tape is Better Than Regular Tape
//Why Flex Tape is Better Than Regular Tape

Why Flex Tape is Better Than Regular Tape

Patch, Bond, Seal, and Repair Virtually Everything!

Flex Tape is perfect for unexpected leaks. It attaches to almost any surface. And it doesn’t require a long process for it to start working. It’s a very painless and quick solution to your emergency leaks.

There are many types of tapes out there, but none of them are like Flex Tape. Flex Tape is in a league of its own, and that will never change.

Difference #1: Underwater Ability.

Most companies don’t market that their tape can be used on wet surfaces. Because they can’t. Many also don’t market that their tape can be used underwater. Because it can’t do that either. Generic tape can’t grab hold of wet surfaces, and it’ll simply float away when placed underwater. There are just a limited few companies that claim their tape works underwater, but that’s either 1. not true or 2. the tape loses its grip over time. With Flex Tape, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Flex Tape works immediately. And even better, Flex Tape gets a stronger grip as time goes on. No wonder Flex Tape is the top tape in the nation.

Difference #2: Strength.

A generic tape will tear in half if too much pressure is placed on it. But pressure resistance is one of Flex Tape’s specialties. Here at Flex Seal Headquarters, we are constantly putting Flex Tape to the test. Below, you can see Phil Swift, the Flex Seal President, lifting a massive weight with only the power of Flex Tape.

Do you think generic tape could pull off a feat like this? Absolutely not. Some companies claim their “strong, specialized” tape can do what Flex Tape does. They also claim that very same tape can be torn with your hands. If you can tear generic tape with your hands, then it would fail miserably at the Flex Tape Weight Test. Flex Tape is the real deal. Most wouldn’t dare to claim that their tape is comparable to Flex Tape. But for those willing to step into the ring, Flex Tape is still the undeniable champ.

Difference #3: Access Right Online.

Here at Flex Seal Headquarters, we do everything with you in mind. After spending countless hours perfecting and testing Flex Tape, we decided to give you easy access to it. We don’t like to send our Flex Sealers on wild goose chases. We like to make things as easy as possible for you. After all, if we’re not doing that, then we aren’t doing our jobs right. In order to get your hands on other “so-called” special “rugged” tapes, you have to drive around and go to the store. The tape isn’t available on their website. Here at Flex Seal Headquarters, we believe in giving you top-notch products and top-notch service. While Flex Tape is available in stores, you can also access it at just the click of a button.

Nothing comes close to Flex Tape. Rain, snow, heat – they’re no match for Flex Tape. And neither is any other tapes. We’re not the only ones that feel that way. Many of you do, too. Thank you for sending in all of your testimonials of how Flex Tape has saved the day.

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Cheers to Flex Taping It,
Nick Wade

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