Flex Seal: DIY Hacks for Going to the Beach
//Get Ready for Beach Day with Flex Seal!

Get Ready for Beach Day with Flex Seal!

Flex Seal Headquarters can be found right in the “Sunshine State” – Florida. Naturally, we love the beach. It’s in our blood. As summer soon approaches, we want to let the rest of our Flex Seal Friends around the country in our favorite beach day tips!

Our famous sealant, Flex Seal Aerosol, is known for its strong qualities: waterproof, airtight, moisture-blocking, and long-lasting with rubberized finish. It’s every handyman’s go-to can of water sealant to seal any leak, cover any hole, and fill any crack.

But Flex Seal is so much more than that. It’s your next go-to tool for an amazing day on the beach!

Supply List:

  •  Your Favorite Colors of Flex Seal Aerosol
  • Drop Cloth

Flex Fix #1: Waterproof Your Water Shoes.
Protect your feet. We too love the feeling of sand between our toes on a nice hot day. But before you hop in the ocean, consider throwing on a pair of water shoes. They’re for your safety. The ocean is full of all types of dangerous terrain – like sharp rocks and jagged seashells, and the list goes on. So grab a pair of your old water shoes (yes the ones with the rips and worn-down bottoms). Spray the bottom of your shoes with Flex Seal Aerosol. You may need to add a few coats to fully seal the sole.

[Flex Tip: Let each coat of Flex Seal dry for 24-48 hours before spraying on another coat. Let the last coat dry for 48 hours before testing out your water shoes.]

Flex Fix #2: The Kids’ Toys.
Some children love to play in the sand just as much as they love to play in the water. What’s a family beach day without the kids’ favorite beach toys? Grab their old shovel and pail set down from the attic. If the toys look like they’ve been through the wringer, it’s completely fine. Spray Flex Seal Aerosol in your kids’ favorite colors. Better yet, have your kids help you with this easy DIY project. It makes for great family bonding time.

[Flex Tip: Always pick a well-ventilated area for your Flex Seal DIY projects. You could easily spray your toys out in the backyard or in your garage with the door open. Just put down a drop cloth so that you don’t get Flex Seal in unwanted areas.]

Flex Fix #3: Bring Your Surfboard Back to Life.
If your surfboard is looking a little worn, pick your favorite Flex Seal Aerosol color to bring it back to life. It comes in 12 different colors: Black, White, Brite (Off White), Green, Yellow, Red, Terra-Cotta, Blue, Silver, Almond, Brown, and Clear. Flex Seal Yellow and Flex Seal Red would really stand out as you’re riding the waves. Just make sure that your surfboard is clean of any wax, dirt, oil, grease, or gloss before spraying it with Flex Seal. Flex Seal is also famous for its non-slip grip! And that’s exactly what any surfer needs to stay planted on his board.

[Flex Tip: Flex Seal works best in conditions above 60°F and under 150°F. So you don’t have to worry about the summer’s heat causing Flex Seal to drip or sag from your board.]

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Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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