Get Your Security Deposit Back with Flex Seal Products
//How to Get Your Security Deposit Back with the Flex Seal Family of Products

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back with the Flex Seal Family of Products

The goal while renting is universal: Get your security deposit back. No one wants to pay fees at the end of a rental agreement. So, use Flex Seal Family Products to prevent that from happening.

Maybe you have a kid in college or maybe you’re a young professional. Either way, this guide is for you. Learn a few new Flex Seal Family Product life hacks to make sure your place is in tip top shape before the final walkthrough.

*Flex Tip: Before using any of the Flex Seal Family Products, keep the area well ventilated. Run a fan or keep the windows open.

Supply List:

● Flex Seal
● Flex Seal Liquid
● Flex Shot
● Flex Tape
● Tape
● High-Quality, Sharp Scissors
● Paint Roller

Flex Hack #1: Reattach Shower Curtain Rod with Flex Shot
Whether the shower curtain rod came undone on its own or your college kid had a wild party, we’re not here to judge. Flex Shot can put the pieces back together. Just apply Flex Shot to the back of both of your shower curtain rod holders. Then firmly press them against your wall in the appropriate places. Allow the rod holders to bond to the wall for 24 hours before hanging the rod back up.

*Flex Shot Tip: Before using Flex Shot, make sure the surface is clean, dry and free from dirt, grease, and oil. Next, attach the plastic extenders to the nozzle. Then cut off the tip of the extender to pick the size bead you need. Hold the can at a 45-degree angle when releasing the Flex Shot.

Flex Hack #2: Patch The Hole in Your Wall with Flex Seal Liquid 
A hole in the wall? No big deal. Patch your hole with Flex Seal Liquid. In an even sweeping motion, roll the Flex Seal Liquid over the hole (and surrounding area). Allow each coat to dry for 24 hours before adding another coat. You might need to apply several even coats in order to completely fill all holes. Flex Seal Liquid takes 24 to 48 hours to fully cure.

*Flex Seal Liquid Tip: Make sure that you don’t leave the can of Flex Seal Liquid open for an extended period of time, or else a dry film will form at the top. When you close the can, be sure to close it securely.

Flex Hack #3: Spray Away the Stains with Flex Seal
Stains, scuffs, and nicks are common for walls after moving furniture around – especially after a 12-month lease. Spray over them with Flex Seal. Flex Seal comes in 12 different vibrant colors.

*Flex Seal Tip: Before using Flex Seal, shake the can vigorously for one minute. Next, point the nozzle about 12 to 14 inches away from the surface. Spray using an even sweeping motion. Allow each coat to cure for 24 hours. Apply several coats until the stains, scuffs, and nicks are no longer visible.

Flex Hack #4: Seal Pipe Leak with Flex Tape
If you have a leak in your bathroom or kitchen sink drain, seal it with Flex Tape. Cut a patch of Flex Tape (with backing on). Remove the backing and press the Tape firmly against the leak. Then wrap another piece of Flex Tape around the pipe and over the first patch. Flex Tape has no curing time. It will reach its maximum hold within 24 hours.

*Flex Tape Tip: We do not suggest using Flex Tape where it comes in direct contact with drinking water.

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