Prepare Your Home- 2017 Hurricane Guide
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Prepare Your Home Before a Hurricane Hits

When There’s No Hurricane, Make A Hurricane Plan!

There are a time and season for everything. And currently, we are in the midst of hurricane season.

The team behind The Flex Seal Family of Products believes in making your home as safe as possible. These products were built to last against extreme weather conditions and can save you in emergencies.

Before you make your home hurricane season ready, grab everything from the supply list below.

Supply List:


hurricane preparation seal basement

Flex Idea #1: Secure Your Basement
One of the biggest things associated with hurricanes is floods. With the average cyclone totaling 16 inches of rainfall in a 24-hour period, you’re going to need your home to withstand the rain…starting with your basement! Grab a paint roller and roll Flex Seal Liquid on your basement walls. This liquid insulator dries into a waterproof, airtight rubber sealant that will help block out moisture and prevent your basement from flooding.

[Did You Know: Hurricanes that move slowly are most likely to produce more rain causing more damage by flooding than faster moving hurricanes.]

Flex Idea #2: Protect Your Windows
Besides rain, hurricanes bring strong wind power and can easily knock down trees or heavier objects, making the idea of walking outside during the storm very dangerous. With that said, it’s important to seal your windows with Flex Shot in anticipation to the storm and not during. This will prevent water from leaking through your windows and causing water damage inside your home. For hurricane season, we recommend “double duty” caulking. That means you should caulk your windows from the inside and outside of your home. Remember the best way to prevent leaks is to seal the window where it meets the exterior siding.

[Did You Know: A category 5 hurricane can have a wind speed of above 155 miles per hour.]

hurricane preparation waterproof bag

Flex Idea #3: Waterproof Your To-Go Bag
In case of an evacuation, pack emergency to-go bags in advance and check everything off your list before you’re in a state of panic. Don’t wait for a hurricane to come to put it together, instead do it now. Some items you should include are a change of clothes, non-perishable foods, first aid kits, and cellphone chargers. Unfortunately, some of these items can easily be damaged with water. So next up… waterproof your to-go bag with Flex Seal Aerosol! This will protect your goods by making sure no water seeps through the material.

[Did You Know: Florida is hit by at least 40% of the hurricanes that occur in America.]

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