Miami International Boat Show February 14th – 18th, 2019
//Miami International Boat Show February 14th – 18th, 2019

Miami International Boat Show February 14th – 18th, 2019

This was Flex Seal’s third year in a row at the Miami International Boat Show and it did not disappoint! Each day started with a beautiful, relaxing boat ride from Bayfront Park to the Miami Marine Stadium via water taxi. The weather was gorgeous, bright, and sunny which set the tone perfectly for another fun-filled event for the Flex Seal Team. During these twenty minutes, people approached us and exclaimed how much they love Flex Seal. We weren’t even at the show yet and were already getting bombarded with love and praise from Flex Fans. We knew we were in for quite a day!

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Once we arrived at the venue, we were flooded with amazing stories from our audience on how they used the Flex Seal Family of Products in their everyday lives. Flex Fans were eager to tell us all about their DIY projects that saved them time, headaches, and thousands of dollars! One gentleman flies down to Miami every 4 months to work on boats in the area. He Flex Taped a rip in his Bimini cover over 6 months ago and was skeptical that it wouldn’t hold up. Needless to say, Flex Tape did its job and showcased its incredible strength. To his delight, it’s a product he truly loves now! Another gentleman used Flex Tape to patch a crack in the hull of his dingy. He was able to tow it in the water all the way from the keys to get it repaired! The most innovative use of Flex Tape at this show came from a sweet married couple. They Flex Taped their anchor chain in spots to measure the depth of the water. Flex Fans truly are innovative and are the greatest!

This stop on the Flex Seal tour made waves as more than 6000 free samples were given out to eager visitors of the 2019 Miami International Boat show! While many of the guests were familiar with the waterproof capabilities of Flex Tape, Flex Glue was a surprising new member of the Flex Seal Family of Products for them. As soon as they realized Flex Glue could be applied and cured underwater, their eyes lit up, and the ideas for use started rolling in! Our original Flex Seal (not one to be outshined) also received a raving review from a man named Paul. He boasted his use of our “handyman in a can” as a contractor over the years to fix leaky roofs with great success. As the sun sets over the beautiful Miami skyline, we thank everyone who showed up, and remind you to always Flex On!


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