Soap Box Racing with Flex Seal – West Virginia
//Soap Box Racing with Flex Seal

Soap Box Racing with Flex Seal

Flex Seal made its way around the racetracks in West Virginia. Many are familiar with Flex Seal’s impact in the NASCAR racing world. But here at Flex Seal Headquarters, we love other kinds of racing as well!

One of our youngest Flex Sealers entered his first soap box race in Charleston, West Virginia. It was a great experience for him. Not only did he convert others into Flex Sealers, but he met some already familiar with the Flex Seal Family of Products.

Highlight #1

Meet the Flex Seal Soap Box Car! It’s our first official soap box car to enter into a race. At Flex Seal Headquarters, we are proud to sponsor this young Flex Sealer as he races car No. 0!

Highlight #2

Rookie Makes His Mark. Our young Flex Sealer is none other than 7-year-old Brighton. What makes Brighton so special is that he was the youngest in his race! As Brighton’s dad put it, “There were cars from all over – Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, and more.” So to say this race was a big deal for Brighton would be an understatement. The next youngest driver was 2 years older than our racer. Cheers to Brighton for getting in the racing game early and a special thank you to him (and his parents) for doing it with Flex Seal right by his side!

Highlight #3

Samples, Samples, Samples. One of Brighton’s favorite parts of the race was passing out samples of Flex Seal Liquid samples to the families and spectators after the event was over. The samples were a hit!

Highlight #4

Everyone Knows Flex Seal. Flex Seal was the most popular sponsor at the race. Many folks were already familiar with the products and had seen the Flex Seal commercials. After the race, Brighton and his entourage headed to dinner as they strolled around in their Flex Seal attire. They came across many responses like, “Is that the stuff they use on the commercials for the boat that they cut in half?” Many wanted to know, “Does that stuff work as good as it appears in the commercials?” (Of course it does!)

Highlight #5

Bringing Home the Metal. So how did Brighton do? Brighton did amazingly – especially for it being his first race. He finished 8th in one of the four main races in two days. Check out his metal below. His dad says, “We have a long way to go – but will enjoy every second of the ride!”

Brighton, thanks for bringing us along for the ride! You’ve made us proud. We trust that your soap box car racing career will accelerate. Thanks for spreading the word about Flex Seal!

Flex Seal comes second to none. It really is the #1 rubber water sealant in the country. Flex Seal comes out like a spray, but dries into a flexible, waterproof, airtight sealant that blocks out moisture, vibrations, and noise. It’s strong enough to withstand summer’s heat and tough enough to fight off winter’s bite. You can use it on cars, in the house, and pretty much for any other DIY projects you can think of. Also, it’ll last for years!

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Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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