The Best Ways to Remove Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Spray
//How to Remove Flex Seal from an Unwanted Area

How to Remove Flex Seal from an Unwanted Area

Almost every day, we receive testimonials from our Flex Seal fanatics. They’re always finding new and exciting ways to put our products to the test. In between the experiments and weekend projects, little mistakes can happen.

But that’s no big deal. Just keep these few tips in your back pocket in case you accidentally spray Flex Seal somewhere you didn’t intend.

*Flex Disclaimer: Make sure you read the directions on the back of the acetone, mineral spirits, and toluene bottles.

Read these tips very carefully. You’ll notice that our method for removing Flex Seal differs a little depending on the surface type of your project.

How to Remove Flex Seal from 5 different types of surfaces

Material No. 1: Metal.
The key to fixing any mistakes is to jump into action immediately. Grab a damp rag and acetone. Then scrub the metal until the Flex Seal is removed. This may require a little elbow grease. It’ll come off; just give it a heavy scrub.

Material No. 2: Fabric
Cloth requires a little more care when it comes to removing Flex Seal. Unlike metal, you shouldn’t use acetone on something like a soft-material couch.  Instead, use mineral spirits (nothing with bleach) to remove the Flex Seal. This time, don’t scrub. Just blot out the stain. You can dry it in the same manner, too. Don’t scrub with a dry towel. Again, just blot it.

Material No. 3: Wood.
The same goes for wood surfaces. If you accidentally spray Flex Seal on stained wood, acetone isn’t the answer. Use mineral spirits to remove Flex Seal from the wood. Just as with the metal surface, wood will require some manpower as well. So scrub the stain away until it’s gone.

*Flex Note: When you are removing Flex Seal do NOT use a bleach-based solution.

Material No. 4: Cars.
As soon as you see the splatter of Flex Seal on your car, put just a little toluene on it and then rub profusely with a rag. Toluene is essentially a paint thinner. It will take care of any heavy duty projects like cars.

If you get Flex Seal on the inside of your car, like the upholstery, just use the same instructions that are posted in the “furniture” section of this guide.

*Flex Note: There are many places on a car that you shouldn’t use Flex Seal. For starters, do not use Flex Seal on gas tanks or for automobile tire repair.

Material No. 5: Carpet.
Grab your mineral spirits and a rag. (Don’t use the acetone.) Scrub the carpet until the Flex Seal is removed. If that doesn’t work, use something stronger like the toluene paint thinner. But remember, use just a little. This should do the job.

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