Why These Two Race Day Fans Are Flex Seal Diehards
//Why These Two Race Day Fans Are Flex Seal Diehards

Why These Two Race Day Fans Are Flex Seal Diehards

The Flex Seal Team is always on the move. Almost every weekend, we introduce the Flex Seal Family of Products at car races, auto shows, fitness competitions, home shows, and other events.

We call these on-the-go campaigns activations. They include Flex Seal displays where people can see, touch, and test our The whole Flex Seal Family of Products. This usually creates a lot of hype, especially since no one leaves us empty-handed. Everyone gets free products to take home. But nothing makes us happier than to hear live testimonials from Flex Sealers who put our products to the test.

At the Texas Motor Speedway, the Flex Seal Team interviewed two fellows who are sold-out Flex Sealers. And after you hear their stories, you’ll understand exactly why.

Fellow #1: Fix Camper Air Conditioner With Flex Seal.

One gentleman explained that he had an air conditioner attached to this camper. Unfortunately, it was leaking. He grabbed a can of Flex Seal and sprayed around the air conditioner, covering the bolts. Problem solved, with no more leaks in his camper. Mother Nature put his project to the test as the very next day, it began to storm. And just as he expected, there was no issue with air conditioner leaks. As he put it, “dry as a bone.” After fixing the leak, he painted over the water sealant. He said he had no issues. Take a look at his live testimonial for yourself.



Fellow #2: Fix Water Tank.

Another gentleman shared a very interesting story about a horse tank. His tank was leaking down the seam. He decided to take matters into his own hands. So he cleaned it up (as recommend) and sprayed it with Flex Seal. He said he’d go out to the tank and spray it once a week for some time. After the Flex Seal dried, he filled the tank up. It’s had zero leaks, and it’s been going strong for the past year. The man reports that the tank holds 500 gallons of water. That’s no small feat. Take a look at our interview with him.


[Disclaimer: We don’t recommend using Flex Seal on containers holding drinking water.]

We love hearing stories like these. We get so many emails, social media tags, and messages from folks who saved the day with Flex Seal. When it comes to blocking out air, sealing out water, and shutting out moisture, Flex Seal comes second to none. It dries into a flexible, rubber sealant. You never have to worry about it cracking and peeling in the winter time. And forget about it sagging or dripping in the summer’s heat. It’s built to last for years, and it works on just about any surface.

If you have any Flex Seal success stories you’d like us to hear, just leave a comment on any of our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube. And if you have a video of you using any of the Flex Seal Family of Products, make sure to tag us!

Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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