Use Flex Seal on Gloves and Clothes
//How to Use Flex Seal Products on Clothes

How to Use Flex Seal Products on Clothes

Get Garment Crafty With The Flex Seal Family of Products!

We have graduated with a masters in do-it-yourself projects. Here at Flex Seal Headquarters, we have spent thousands of hours testing and brainstorming new and beneficial ways to use our products. Truth is, The Flex Seal Family of Products does it all. House repairs, garden projects, and even repairs on your clothes!

Supply List

● Flex Seal
● Flex Seal Liquid
● Flex Tape
● Sharp, High-Quality Scissors
● Drop Cloth
● Paint Brush

DIY Project #1: Jackets.

Jackets rip and tear. But that’s no reason to ditch them. Grab Flex Tape. All you have to do is cut it, peel of the backing, stick it to your jacket, and let it seal. Flex Tape works immediately, and it remains flexible. So you don’t have to worry about it cracking or falling off. Flex Tape comes in black and white. If your jacket isn’t either of those two colors, grab a can of Flex Seal Colors. They come in 12 vibrant colors. This DIY project is great for giving the kids “new jackets” when winter rolls around.

[Flex Tip: Whenever using Flex Seal, shake the can vigorously for 60 seconds. In an even sweeping motion, spray Flex Seal from an 8- to 12-inch distance. Add multiple coats. Allow each coat to dry 24-48 hours before adding another coat. Let the last coat dry for 48 hours before testing out your project.]

DIY Project #2: Shoes/Boots.

Everyone (especially handymen) have those pair of boots that start to wear down on the toe area. You can use Flex Seal Liquid to protect your shoes. Pick a well-ventilated area and put your shoes on a drop cloth (so that you don’t get Flex Seal Liquid in unwanted areas). With a paintbrush, paint the Flex Seal Liquid on the toe area of your boot. Add multiple coats. Let each coat dry 24 to 48 hours before trying another coat. Flex Seal Liquid comes in four different colors: white, clear, black, and gray. Flex Seal Liquid Clear is probably the best option for this project. It will give you an invisible protection, that allows you to keep your shoes their original colors.

[Flex Tip: Flex Seal Liquid works in extreme conditions. So winter’s snow, spring’s rain, and summer’s heat are no match for it. You don’t have to worry about it sagging, dripping, or cracking. It also doubles up as an insulator, so it will keep your toes warm in your shoes, too.]

DIY Project #3: Slippers/Socks/Gloves.

Not only do the Flex Seal Family Products block out air, moisture, and water – they also create a no-slip grip. That’s important for those who wear gloves in their profession. Construction work is a risky business. One wrong move could be fatal. Spray your gloves (even worn-down ones) with Flex Seal. It’ll give you a nice firm grip to help you get the job done. No-slip socks and slippers are important too. You don’t need the kids falling around the house and hurting themselves. Or if you’re taking care of your older parents, you don’t need them slipping and breaking a hip. Spray your socks and slippers with Flex Seal Clear (especially the bottoms). This will give you more support during your everyday life.

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Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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