Winter Sports Edition: Hit the Slopes With Flex Seal!
//Winter Sports Edition: Hit the Slopes With Flex Seal!

Winter Sports Edition: Hit the Slopes With Flex Seal!

Snow just isn’t a thing here at our headquarters. South Florida is where many come for fun in the sun.

But we don’t make the Flex Seal Family of Products just for us. We make them for you. That’s why they are good for all four seasons – no matter where you live!

Flex Seal has become a staple for every snowboarder, skier, and winter sports fanatic.

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Winter Tip #1: Flex Shot Your Snowboard.
I haven’t been snowboarding in a long time. But I remember the joy of it! I was all geared up and ready to take on the slopes. I would have been devastated if my board (though a rental) would have taken a chop. But one way or the other, that happens sometimes. If you get any cracks in your snowboard, pull out the Flex Shot! Flex Shot is great for caulking and bonding things back together. Make sure your board is clean. Cut the extension tube of your Flex Shot to adjust the size of the bead. At a 45 degree agree, gently apply the Flex Shot to the cracked area. Then use c-clamps to keep the pieces in place. Let the Flex Shot dry for 24 hours. Test your snowboard on ground with a more gradual incline before jumping onto steep slopes. 

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Winter Tip #2: Flex Tape Your Ski Poles. One broken ski pole doesn’t stop the show. Before going out to your nearest sports equipment store, grab Flex Tape. It comes in white and black. Either works just fine for the project. It’s your preference. Pocket the $30 or $40 you would have spent for a new set of poles, and fix the issue in five minutes. Cut a strip of the Flex Tape (with the backing still on). Remove the backing. Tightly wrap the Flex Tape around the pole a few times (securing the broken area). Iron out any air bubbles so that the Flex Tape is nice and snug around the ski pole. Flex Tape has a firm grip as it’s made with triple thick adhesive. It also remains flexible and adapts to the shape of just about surface. 

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Winter Tip #3: Flex Seal Your Figure Skates.
Don’t panic if your figure skates get a little worn down. The Flex Seal Family of Products specializes in repairing winter boots and all things related. Some consider Flex Seal a liquid insulator. It dries into a rubberized material that blocks out water, moisture, air, and noise. This makes it the perfect solution for keeping your feet warm in your figure skates. One of the first parts of figure skates that gets worn down is the toe area. Fortunately, you can spray your figure skates with Flex Seal. Flex Seal comes in 12 different vibrant colors: Black, White, Brite (Off White), Clear, Brown, Almond, Terra Cotta, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and Silver. There’s something for everyone. Remove your shoe strings from your figure skates and set them on a drop cloth. From an 8- to 12-inch distance, spray the Flex Seal onto the desired part of your figure skates. Tape off appropriate areas with painter’s tape. Let each coating dry for 24 to 48 hours before adding another coating. Let the final coating dry for 48 hours before taking your skate out on the ice.

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Winter Tip #4: Flex Seal Liquid Your Sled.
Snow sledding is a classic way for families to enjoy the snow. Sleds come in all types of materials – wood, plastic, metal. Fortunately, Flex Seal Liquid works on just about any surface. Just make sure your surface is dry and clean of any dirt, grease, and oil. Sometimes, sleds can get splinters, leaks, holes, and cracks. No worries! Flex Seal Liquid dries into a rubberized water sealant. It’ll keep air or snow from getting inside your sled. It’ll also make sure your sled glides smoothly on the snow. You’ll essentially be riding on smooth rubber. Flex Seal Liquid is built to last, so you’ll never have to worry about it cracking or peeling in the winter’s cold. Pour the Flex Seal Liquid into a paint tray. Use your paint roller to apply the Flex Seal Liquid. Let the first coating dry for 24 to 48 hours. Let the final coating dry for 48 hours before testing your sled on the snow.

Did Flex Seal Make Your Winter Wonderland Special?

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And of course, if you cooked up your own new way of enjoying winter sports with Flex Seal by your side, spill the beans already.

Cheers to Flex Sealing It,

Nick Wade

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