Flex Seal® & Flex Tape® Reviews – Does It Really Work?

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See real, unbiased reviews of our entire family of products, including Flex Tape®, Flex Glue®, Flex Seal® Liquid and more. Our items have been tried and tested in a variety of situations with great results. See some of the real demonstrations below, both on local news stations, and by reviewers in YouTube.

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Missouri news station reviews Flex Seal® Spray on Good Morning Heartland

Deal or dud?  Alabama news station tests out Flex Tape®

Taras Kul tests and reviews Flex Glue® on Youtube

Does Flex Tape® work?  Witchita news station puts Flex Tape® to the test

Detroit news station reviews Flex Tape® with a variety of tests

See cynic Gordan Carleson give Flex Tape® his first thumbs up in years

Hawaiian news station brings in a professional to review Flex Seal® Spray

Tyler Tube tests out and gives his Flex Glue review

General contractor tests Flex Seal® Liquid on a leaking metal roof

Review of Flex Seal® being used during Hurricane Matthew

EpicReviewGuys test out Flex Seal® Spray on a roof leak

Survivalist reviews using Flex Seal® to cover and protect equipment

Flex Seal® used to repair aquaponic equipment

Review of Flex Seal® used on a RV leak

Flex Seal® and other products reviewed for fixing a convertible top

J.D. Nitro gives us his Flex Seal® review

Houston news station sees if Flex Tape® really works

Review of Flex Tape® when used in a NASCAR race


Flex Seal® customer shares his feedback on our products